Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Safety: Door Stops

My mother is a clumsy person. She broke a toe on the toilet once. My sister is just as awkward. She and my mother share the same middle name, as does AJ. She also shares their clumsy trait.

This summer I have watched her flip on the trampoline, do cartwheels off the diving board, race down the street on her skating board with her dog pulling her, and countless other daredevil stunts. Yet she broke her foot on a door stop. I don't know how.

I do feel horrible that I didn't take her to the ER last night. It happened at 9:00 and it didn't swell. She kept saying it was broken. She came in and woke me up at about 11:45 to tell me it hurt. I got her an icepack and a motrin. She came in later at some time to tell me that it was still hurting. She didn't want a pain pill left over from her appendectomy so I didn't know what else to do.

I took her in early this morning and sure enough, she broke her cuboid bone. On a doorstop.


Fatcat said...

It's always something weird like that, it seems. My son broke his foot just running in the living room and tripping over basically nothing. My daughter swung her hand around and hit a bookcase and broke a small bone in her hand.

It's funny, my middle name is Paulanne, which means little grace and my brother always said "Yeah, very little." :-)

Don't feel guilty, you didn't know!