Monday, December 15, 2008

As it always seems to happen....

The thing I love most about this HP contest is seeing that there really is good in the world. Whoever wins these prizes will do great things by what I am reading. THere is a great need in the world. I have been pleasantly surprised to read and see what people are already doing. Sometimes people are doing a lot and don't even realize it.

Mom is having a pacemaker put in tomorrow. I am more than nervous. Boo wants to take off and go with me. Not only would that make my nerves worse, God forbid something did go wrong. I would not be in any state to comfort her or take care of her. It just isn't a place for her to be tomorrow. She said that she will be my comfort if I am sad or scared. She already is.

To those who left kind notes about her, thank you. She is awesome. She is a beautiful, straight A, well behaved (at school) kid. Who could ask for more?

Last but not least, we had another death in the family. My 17 year old cousin was in an accident Sunday morning and killed on impact. His mother has had a breakdown and is unable to speak to anyone. Her mother passed away years ago and she really has nobody to help her through this. It is so sad.

I am off to get Boo ready for bed. Night all. I hope to be back with good news soon.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

HP Contest: What have I done.

In a contest for HP, the question was asked what have I done to impact the lives of others. I can tell you, not enough. WHen I do something for someone it always seems to benefit me more in the long run anyway. AN example:

Three years ago I was teaching Vacation Bible School. We were asked to give some kids a ride that lived nearby. They were foster kids. I knew them from the school where I teach and had in fact, had one in class. THere was a little girl who stole our hearts.

Three years later, she is my daughter. We went through the whole foster/adopt wit the state and here she is, as if she has always been here. THe truth is though,it almost started as a good deed. You can't do that. It doesn't work that way. She is my daughter now, and the biggest blessing of my life. She isn't a charity case or some project that we took on. She has helped us.

I always promised to somehow help once we were finished with the adoption. I wasn't sure how this would happen. A year ago Boo and I both made resolutions to volunteer in the community. She wanted to help at the animal shelter as she can't stand to see animals hungry, beaten or abandoned. (I know)

I chose to volunteer for CPS. It took almost 6 months to get certified to volunteer but once it was all done I was appointed by a local judge to the county board that governs the foster children in our area. Wow. I have seen such amazing things. I was a part of the first annual adoption day in our county. It was front page news. I've been a part of much more and it is something that gives back to me more than I give to it.

During the year I do random things that all teachers find themselves doing at some point: buying shoes and socks for one in needs, getting a coat for someone, taking is just doing what you have to do. Seeing the inside life of foster care, you just do what you have to do.

If I won this, I would donate a good portion to the Child Welfare Board of our county. We could use it to do so many things. I would also give my sister one or more. She works for a children's psychiatric hospital and most of the kids there are wards of the state. She has a work PC but not one at home. She needs one trust me.

I want to also so, don't just give at Christmas. DO it year round.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Old Resolution

Last year,AJ and I made a New Year's resolution. We decided to each volunteer for something that was special to us.
She chose the animal shelter. It is almost a personal attack on her to see animals hungry, abandoned, or hurt. Yet, you must be 16 to volunteer at the shelter. She has since found 4 stray dogs and found the owner of each one. Thank God, because we didn't want to keep them.
I chose to volunteer for Child Protective Services. In the adoption process two years ago I saw a great need and vowed to come back and help if we ever reached a solid point. We got there. It took almost 6 months for my paperwork to clear and they wanted to have me appointed to the Child Welfare Board in our county. Since then I have seen and done so much. Behind the scenes is always amazing to me. The Rainbow Room must have constant restocking so the social workers can pull necessary items for children taken into care. Just one example-there are many.

I hope that we can all do more next year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway

I have a blog that I read who is participating in the giveaway of tons of neat stuff from HP. I am going to enter one of the blogs contest right here, right now by describing what I would do if I won $6,000 worth of computer equipment.
The very first thing I would do is let my sister, Joy, choose what she needs for school/work. She is just shy of a masters in psychology/counseling and really needs a computer. She needs it for work she takes home as well. She works for a psychiatric children's hospital as a caseworker. Most nights she works late to have access to the computer, thus having to leave in the bad area of downtown Little Rock at night. She has been working all kinds of hours e-mailing the Christmas wish lists of the needy kids who have the state as a guardian.
I would then donate a portion to the Bowie County Child Welfare Board, especially the Rainbow Room. This room gives the social workers access to items and materials that a child might need the moment they are taken into care. Having adopted a child from foster care, this is near and dear to my heart.I would be willing to donate anything to have that moment in time easier on a child in need. I am on the board and can see the needs in our area. They are too great to begin to list.
Last, my church needs the rest. We have NO computer and in this day and time, that is not possible. I try to use my desktop at home but we need one at church for everything. Vacation Bible school, ordering our Sunday School materials, printing bulletins, keeping up with ALL the money aspects. We need it. Seriously.
IN a nutshell, my sister for her college degree (because her time consuming yet rewarding job pays squat), my church, and the Rainbow Room, C/O the BCCW board.

Check out the HP link. Well worth your time.
This is the blog holding the contest for this post.
I am posting for this specific blog.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let The Christmas Rush...Begin

So Thanksgiving was fairly uneventful. Nobody got into a bad fight. I count that as a successful holiday. Black Friday shopping was almost forgotten as we slept so long afterwards. Leftovers are about to be thrown out. Have mercy.

Soon we will be having Christmas. In our family that means more turkey and dressing, carbs and having Mom write checks while we all open presents. I'm ready.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Step Inside: My Treat

The thought of being so public scares me a little. I'll see where this takes me because there are some things I want to do with it,.

Disclaimer: My parents are nice people who would freak out at this. (they know all kinds of perverts are on this internet wanting to see pictures of little naked boys)