Saturday, July 25, 2009


I can't remember where I left off. Pretty much, Mom has had two eye surgeries, one was successful, one not. The Dr. wasn't sure she would even have vision in the one eye. I wasn't sure it would ever look normal again. Thankfully, she can see a little and it looks OK.

AJ is fine. She's glad to be home from church camp. Dale and I had one day where we were both off and child free and we spent it baby sitting my 5 month old nephew. We are wild.

I also took pictures of a brand new baby. He was precious. I could take newborn pictures all day everyday.

Mother and I (mostly her) have been canning salsa. We still have about 50 lbs of tomatoes to go. I'm ready to give or throw the rest away. I couldn't have been a pioneer woman.


Robin said...

Wonderful photos. :)

I couldn't have been a pioneer woman either. They had to work too hard.

I hope your Mom's eye heals well.