Monday, January 10, 2011

I can't believe it has been so long since I've updated.

Things are going well. The age of twelve brought not only a new maturity, but a new activity level at school. She is involved in almost everything.

She is truly one of those special ones. Once a caseworker told me that there is no hope for children adopted from foster care. How much do I disagree? First, let me say that this is no way bragging, but how my child is already doing.

1) A-Team of all athletics she does
2) Straight A's.
3) National Junior Honor Society
4) Band
5) Majorette

She does fantastic in all she does. She has a drive and a heart that is amazing.

So, is she one a million? TO me she is, but there are more who need a chance.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that a caseworker would say there is no hope for the children they work with. My husband and I talk about possibly adopting an older child sometime in the future (we're not interested in having biological children,) and I have to admit one of the things that scares me the most is comments like these. I wonder whether we would be ruining our small family's dynamic forever. Then I read an inspiring post about a child like your Boo, and I wonder, what do you think makes the difference? Is it the individual children's personalities, the circumstances they come from/go to, or a combination of both? I like to think that a loving open-minded home will help even very hurt children but then wonder if that's a disastrously naive view.