Monday, December 15, 2008

As it always seems to happen....

The thing I love most about this HP contest is seeing that there really is good in the world. Whoever wins these prizes will do great things by what I am reading. THere is a great need in the world. I have been pleasantly surprised to read and see what people are already doing. Sometimes people are doing a lot and don't even realize it.

Mom is having a pacemaker put in tomorrow. I am more than nervous. Boo wants to take off and go with me. Not only would that make my nerves worse, God forbid something did go wrong. I would not be in any state to comfort her or take care of her. It just isn't a place for her to be tomorrow. She said that she will be my comfort if I am sad or scared. She already is.

To those who left kind notes about her, thank you. She is awesome. She is a beautiful, straight A, well behaved (at school) kid. Who could ask for more?

Last but not least, we had another death in the family. My 17 year old cousin was in an accident Sunday morning and killed on impact. His mother has had a breakdown and is unable to speak to anyone. Her mother passed away years ago and she really has nobody to help her through this. It is so sad.

I am off to get Boo ready for bed. Night all. I hope to be back with good news soon.