Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway

I have a blog that I read who is participating in the giveaway of tons of neat stuff from HP. I am going to enter one of the blogs contest right here, right now by describing what I would do if I won $6,000 worth of computer equipment.
The very first thing I would do is let my sister, Joy, choose what she needs for school/work. She is just shy of a masters in psychology/counseling and really needs a computer. She needs it for work she takes home as well. She works for a psychiatric children's hospital as a caseworker. Most nights she works late to have access to the computer, thus having to leave in the bad area of downtown Little Rock at night. She has been working all kinds of hours e-mailing the Christmas wish lists of the needy kids who have the state as a guardian.
I would then donate a portion to the Bowie County Child Welfare Board, especially the Rainbow Room. This room gives the social workers access to items and materials that a child might need the moment they are taken into care. Having adopted a child from foster care, this is near and dear to my heart.I would be willing to donate anything to have that moment in time easier on a child in need. I am on the board and can see the needs in our area. They are too great to begin to list.
Last, my church needs the rest. We have NO computer and in this day and time, that is not possible. I try to use my desktop at home but we need one at church for everything. Vacation Bible school, ordering our Sunday School materials, printing bulletins, keeping up with ALL the money aspects. We need it. Seriously.
IN a nutshell, my sister for her college degree (because her time consuming yet rewarding job pays squat), my church, and the Rainbow Room, C/O the BCCW board.

Check out the HP link. Well worth your time.
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