Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Old Resolution

Last year,AJ and I made a New Year's resolution. We decided to each volunteer for something that was special to us.
She chose the animal shelter. It is almost a personal attack on her to see animals hungry, abandoned, or hurt. Yet, you must be 16 to volunteer at the shelter. She has since found 4 stray dogs and found the owner of each one. Thank God, because we didn't want to keep them.
I chose to volunteer for Child Protective Services. In the adoption process two years ago I saw a great need and vowed to come back and help if we ever reached a solid point. We got there. It took almost 6 months for my paperwork to clear and they wanted to have me appointed to the Child Welfare Board in our county. Since then I have seen and done so much. Behind the scenes is always amazing to me. The Rainbow Room must have constant restocking so the social workers can pull necessary items for children taken into care. Just one example-there are many.

I hope that we can all do more next year.